Best Surfing Earbuds for Listening on the Go

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One of my favorite things about being on the waves is being able to glide through the water, feel the sun on my face, and hear the ocean roar. I love music when I’m not surfing, though. Having the right ears is important for me because they get me pumped up before I hit the waves and help me relax afterward. I’ve tried a lot of different choices and have finally found some that work well with both your music and the waves. Here’s what I did to find the best surfing earbuds for listening on the go. Allow me to share my trip with you.

I recommend selecting surfing earbuds that boast durability against water and sweat, immersive sound, a comfortable fit, long battery life, and wireless connectivity for an enriched surfing experience.

  • Durability: Built to withstand water and sweat, these earbuds are perfect for the rigorous conditions of surfing.
  • Immersive Sound: Experience deep bass and crisp highs that enhance your surfing adventures and keep you energized.
  • Comfortable Fit: Ergonomic designs and secure fit features ensure these earbuds stay in place during intense surfing sessions.
  • Long Battery Life: Enjoy hours of playback time to keep the music going throughout your surfing excursions.
  • Wireless Convenience: Say goodbye to tangled cords and enjoy the freedom of wireless connectivity while catching waves.

Sony WF-SP800N Truly Wireless Sports Earbuds

When it comes to combining cutting-edge technology with durability, Sony often leads the pack, and their WF-SP800N Truly Wireless Sports Earbuds are no exception. These earbuds boast an IP55 rating for water and dust resistance, making them ideal for surfing adventures. Moreover, their secure fit ensures they stay in place, even during the most intense maneuvers. The WF-SP800N earbuds feature Sony’s Extra Bass technology, delivering punchy lows that resonate with the rhythm of the waves. Additionally, they come equipped with Active Noise Cancellation, allowing you to tune out distractions and immerse yourself fully in your music.

Jabra Elite Active 75t True Wireless Earbuds

Jabra has carved out a reputation for producing high-quality audio products tailored for an active lifestyle, and the Elite Active 75t True Wireless Earbuds are a testament to their expertise. These earbuds feature an ergonomic design with a secure fit, ensuring they stay put no matter how rigorous your surfing session gets. With an IP57 rating for water and sweat resistance, they can handle the elements with ease. The Elite Active 75t earbuds deliver a balanced sound signature, perfect for enjoying your favorite tunes while catching waves. Moreover, their customizable equalizer allows you to fine-tune the audio to suit your preferences, ensuring an immersive listening experience every time.

Bose SoundSport Free True Wireless Earbuds

Known for their commitment to audio excellence, Bose has crafted the SoundSport Free True Wireless Earbuds with active individuals in mind. These earbuds feature a StayHear+ Sport tips design, providing a secure and comfortable fit that remains stable even during strenuous activities like surfing. With an IPX4 rating for water resistance, they can withstand splashes and sweat without missing a beat. The SoundSport Free earbuds deliver Bose’s signature clear and balanced sound, allowing you to enjoy your music with pristine clarity while out on the water. Additionally, they offer seamless Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring a hassle-free listening experience.

Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 True Wireless Earbuds

Anker has gained popularity for offering high-quality audio products at an affordable price point, and the Soundcore Spirit X2 True Wireless Earbuds are a shining example of their dedication to value and performance. These earbuds feature a secure-fit design with EarWings and EarTips in multiple sizes, allowing you to find the perfect combination for your ears. With an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance, they are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures, including surfing. The Soundcore Spirit X2 earbuds deliver powerful bass and crisp highs, ensuring your music sounds great whether you’re carving through waves or lounging on the beach.

Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

Beats by Dre has become synonymous with stylish audio gear that delivers a powerful sonic punch, and the Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones are no exception. Designed with athletes in mind, these earphones feature adjustable ear hooks that provide a secure and comfortable fit, ensuring they stay in place during intense physical activity, including surfing. With an IPX4 rating for sweat and water resistance, they can handle splashes and sweat without missing a beat. The Powerbeats Pro earphones deliver a dynamic sound profile with punchy bass that adds an extra layer of excitement to your surfing sessions. Furthermore, they offer up to 9 hours of listening time on a single charge, ensuring they can keep up with your active lifestyle all day long.


  1. Durability: The best surfing earbuds are designed to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle, with features like water and sweat resistance, ensuring they can handle the harsh conditions of the ocean environment.
  2. Immersive Sound: These earbuds deliver high-quality sound performance, with features like deep bass and crisp highs, enhancing the overall surfing experience and keeping you motivated and energized while catching waves.
  3. Comfort and Stability: With secure fit designs and ergonomic ear tips, these earbuds provide a comfortable and stable fit, staying in place even during intense surfing sessions, allowing you to focus on the waves without worrying about adjusting your earbuds.


  1. Price: The top-quality features and performance of the best surfing earbuds often come with a higher price tag, making them a significant investment for some surfers.
  2. Limited Battery Life: While many surfing earbuds offer decent battery life, some users may find that the playback time is not sufficient for extended surfing sessions without needing to recharge.
  3. Connectivity Issues: In some cases, wireless earbuds may experience connectivity issues, such as signal dropouts or pairing difficulties, which can disrupt the surfing experience and lead to frustration.


In wrapping up my exploration of the best surfing earbuds for listening on the go, I’ve come to realize that the journey is as rewarding as the destination. Each pair has its special mix of traits that make surfing better for me. From the Sony WF-SP800N’s reliable performance to the Jabra Elite Active 75t’s crystal clear sound, I’ve found that the best fit is based on my tastes.

The Beats Powerbeats Pro, the Anker Soundcore Spirit X2, and the Bose SoundSport Free all have their style and make style, function, and ease of use work together in different ways. It’s not just about listening to music for me; it’s also about getting closer to the ocean and having better surfing experiences. I will not settle for anything less than the best. It’s time for me to ride the waves with the right ears. Let the music take me to new levels of fun.

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